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Electric curtains are becoming a standard in high end luxury condos all around New York City.
New track system offer a flexible system that is both adaptable and robust.

 Track systems are available for both Ripplefold and Pleat curtains and are compatible with many control options such as RTS shades, iPhone & iPad, home automation system via RS485 and Z-Wave systems.

If a design is calling for decorative a drapery rod with finials, it can be motorized too. A motorized track and motor is inserted into a groove in the rod and the curtains can be operated electronically.

 Many tracks offer a manual override that allows operating the curtain even when power is out, and have custom design to allow split draw with an overlap and right or left one way draw.

Chose the right track for you based on curtain style, fabric wight, light control needed and your preferred control method.

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The design phase would normally begin with a meeting in the apartment, office or the space where electric curtains are needed. First we choose curtain style (Pleated curtains or Ripplefold Curtains) and fabric. Based on that we match the appropriate track system (high voltage, low voltage).

Motorized curtain tracks can be controlled via remote control, a wall switch, iPhone app or a 3rd party system. They can also be integrated with the same control type as other electric shades in the house.

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Our in-house electrician will wire each room based on the system selected above. For high voltage systems an outlet or an electrical box is required at the top of each window about 5" down from he ceiling. In most cases each room will be wired individually. For multiple shades and with low voltage systems sometimes a central location is chosen and wires will be home run from each room in the house. (most common in gut-renovations)
New controls from Lutron, Somfy and BTX offer wireless switches that do not need any wiring.

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In most cased installing electric curtain track system requires drilling into a concrete slab ceiling. With the right equipment it becomes an easy task for our installers. In addition to installing the track the curtains must be hangled correctly and often steeming is required to adjust wrinkeling fabric due to delivery. All our professional curtains installers know that it takes time and paitence for a perfect curtain instalation. Certain types of sheer and linen fabrics would required a final stage of steaming.

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Once curtains are hanged and the track is working, adjustments are needed to make sure curtains open and close and stop at the right place. This is done via programming using a remote control.

A new shade control iPhone/iPad app is now available from Somfy Systems. The programming commands can be compied from the remote to the app console.

When a 3rd party integration is needed. Our installers would program a remote or a keypad to control the curtains and a home automation professional would conned his system (most often via RS 485, RS 232 or Dry contact) to our system and pogram command to be translted to the current track system installed.


Somfy Glydea® Electric Curtain Track


Glydea from Somfy Systems is a high end robust curtains track capable of pulling a curtain that weighs 132lb and can extant up to 36 feet long on a single track single motor system.

It can be used with Ripplefold curtains as well as Pleated curtains and has a manual override which allows curtain to be opened and closed even when there is no power.

Track can be bended to an L Shaped, C Shaped or a U shaped curve an an S shaped curved based on a custom window template.

Somfy Glydea track comes in 2 variations Glydea 35E and Glydea 60E that are able to extend to 32 feet and 36 feet accordingly and pull 77lb and 132lb accordingly.

All tracks have a slim slick design, aimed at hiding wires and motor behind the last curtain pleat and offer a unique way of changing how they are controlled simply by changing a chip at the end of the motor.

Motors are quiet and have a specia slow start and slow stop feature.

Somfy Glydea track can easily be integrated with existing Somfy electric roller shades having the same remote control all window treatments in the house.

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Glydeaâ„¢ Advanced Spec Glydeaâ„¢ Advanced Spec        

Lutron Sivoia® QED/QS® Drapery Track Systems


Lutron drapery track systems provide a wide range of options to suit the needs of any application. Our systems allow for tracks up to 30 ft long, single or multi-bend curved tracks, manual-open override, track splicing, 90° curves, and more.

Tracks are available for both Pinch Pleat curtains as well as Ripple Fold curtains style using Graber® snap tape that is available in 3 fullness factors: 80%, 100% and 120%.

Straight track is available with Right draw, left draw, center draw, and tandem systems up to 60 feet (spliced with tandem)

All Lutron drapery drives will accommodate a single curve or bend. Up to 90° bends are possible; curved radius must be 20 in. (0.5 m) or greater

Tandem systems use 2 tracks, thereby having a drive unit at each end. This allows for longer, center draw systems (over 30 ft), or for center draw systems to operate heavier drapes.

Track Splicing is a convenient option for the shipment and installation of long drapery tracks. It allows for a drapery track to be shipped in 2 or 3 equal sections, and easily connected at the job site.

Drapery track system is available with a manual open carrier for drapery fabric panels weighing up to 70 lbs. When manual force is applied to the drapery the master carrier releases, allowing the drapery to open. This feature is a plus during power loss or to prevent damage to the system if a user attempts to pull open the drapery, not realizing that the track is motorized.

Lutron offers systems in 3 different drive options, each with different weight capacities, to meet your window covering needs.

D105 drive carries draperies up to 105 lbs across a track
D145 drive carries draperies up to 145 lbs across a track
D175 is available with Sivoia QS and QS Wireless and carries draperies up to 175 lbs across a track.

Lutron Drapery Track systems are all conveniently low voltage and require a transformer to work.

Curtain tracks can be controlled via Wired or Infra Red (IR)  (QED or QS systems) and with Wireless Radio Frequency (RF) control (QS Wireless systems).

All system tracks are Ultra Quiet belt driven tracks and  have an electronically assigned address for easy programming..

For the ultimate luxury experience and to integrate with Lutron lighting when system is designed from ground up choose Lutron drapery track systems.

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QS® Track Integration QS® Track Integration QS® Track Wiring & Programming QS® Track Wiring & Programming QED® Track Mechanical Spec QED® Track Mechanical Spec
Sivoia QED® Integration Sivoia QED® Integration        

BTX Classic® drapery track system


BTX Calssic drapery track system are the most stable and relaiable drapery product in the industy. They offer a pure mechanichal drive motor with an architectually designed slim headrail. Simlpy put they are a power horse that would work for many years to come.

They come in a 30W and 45W system and are available in White, Anodized, Black and Dark Bronze.
and are available with for pleated curtains and can be retrofitted to support ripplefold curtains too.

They can pull up to 160lb with a single motor or up to 280lb with a tundem system (2 motors on each side)

For the most part they are connected to a home system via contact closer (a simple on/off wired connection)
but have the option of adding a RF/IR controller for remote control operations.

BTX also offers a larger scale system callef Futura with a motor that utilizes the latest in 2.4 GHz Mesh Network technology.

When it comes to big residential projects, wider and taller windows we would recommend a BTX system, they are all custom built to any need.

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